Luxury Furniture

A colour and presence in the production of furniture and interiors that shapes a space in many ways. Still to this day a representation of opulence and wealth, adding a touch of sparkle to many a setting.

Cristallino Gold LE Foosball Table

Cristallino GOLD LE is the perfect representation of the union between the elegance of gold and the precious perfection typical of the TeckellĀ® table series. A table football embellished with exclusive 24 carat gold plated accessories, making Cristallino GOLD LE among the most coveted of the collection. This numbered and limited series is available in only 50 exemplars. Diamond shaped case in low iron crystal glass, thickness 19mm. Player field in crystal, transparent black colour. Players and accessories in 24k gold and nickel. Table legs transparent crystal. Handles in 24k gold and nickel. Pieces can be customised with glass engraving.

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137-tot-04bkgl_teckell_cristallino_gold_le_foosball_table_alt-1200x1200.jpg 137-tot-04bkgl_teckell_cristallino_gold_le_foosball_table_alt2-1200x1200.jpg 137-tot-04bkgl_teckell_cristallino_gold_le_foosball_table_alt3-1200x1200.jpg 137-tot-04bkgl_teckell_cristallino_gold_le_foosball_table_alt5-1200x1200.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-10-08-at-15.35.38.png